Between Black & White

“In my experience, it’s possible to be both pro-choice and pro-life. Life isn’t always as simple as black or white.”

Let's Talk About Sex

Ariana was afraid to ask her mom about sex. At 16, she became a mom herself.

A Grateful Mom

After finding herself unexpectedly pregnant, Adeline was conflicted when she turned to Planned Parenthood for a safe and legal abortion.

A Filmmaker's Perspective

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video to hear more about filmmaker Brooke Sebold's work with Planned Parenthood to capture and tell the stories of Planned Parenthood patients and providers in the San Diego region.

We Are Planned Parenthood

Behind Planned Parenthood's doors is a safe haven for anyone who needs it. There is no judgment. No agenda. Just exceptional health care...and our stories. We are all Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood takes care of all of us.

Safe To Come Out

JC was afraid to come out as gay to his family physician. A visit to a compassionate Planned Parenthood provider gave him the courage he needed to identify his sexuality for the very first time. This is his story of care.

An Underserved Community

Yulinda and Robert’s community has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in California. Planned Parenthood’s comprehensive health care services give them the power to prevent pregnancy, finish their educations, and decide what their futures hold. This is their story of care.

Called To The Cause

“Nobody works at Planned Parenthood by accident. Everyone is there because of their call to the mission." Dr. Washington's approach to medicine is shaped by the years she lived and worked in Africa, caring for women who were willing to risk their lives to control their own reproductive destiny. T

Teen Mother To Teacher

Ariana grew up in the Latino community of the Imperial Valley, where nobody talked about sex—and birth control was a 2 hour drive away. When she became pregnant at 16, she worked hard to complete her education while caring for her child. Now that Planned Parenthood has opened a much-needed health ce

A Spiritual Patient

Yulinda is a practicing Catholic. She's also a Planned Parenthood patient and supporter. She and her boyfriend come to Planned Parenthood for birth control counseling so that they can practice safe sex. Planned Parenthood is a safe haven where Yulinda's beliefs and health care decisions are respec

A Veteran Clinician

Sally served her country in Iraq for 7 years. Now she's a Staff Clinician for Planned Parenthood, where beside her dedicated colleagues, she works to provide quality health care to women, men, and young people. ""That camaraderie between brothers and sisters in the military seems very familiar in a

A Pregnant Provider

Dr. Washington is the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, where she oversees 18 health centers. Her personal health care decisions, and having been a patient at Planned Parenthood, helps he to be more compassionate with her patients, having been through it herself. ""The

Driving To Serve

As the Health Center Manager of a Planned Parenthood, Vivian shares her proud story of providing care to a rural community on the southern California border, where there is a shortage of providers. Imperial County has the 3rd largest birth rate in California; Vivian and Planned Parenthood of the Pa

Across the Line - Meet the Artist

Across the Line is an immersive virtual reality experience that puts the audience on scene as anti-abortion extremists try to intimidate patients who seek sexual and reproductive health care.

What Are STDs and How Are They Transmitted

What are STDs? How can you get STDs? And how do you protect yourself? STDs are super common, and lots of people have questions about them. Here are the facts on how STDs are transmitted, how to prevent STDs, and why there’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed if you have one. Check out our other

STD Testing - How to Know if You Have an STD

How do you know if you have an STD? There’s only one way — you have to get tested. How do they test for STDs? Here’s the good news: STD testing is usually quick and painless. Get answers to all your questions about how to get tested for STDs. Check out our other STD videos: STD's - https://www.yout

How Does the Birth Control Pill Work and is it Safe to Use

If you’re thinking about going on the pill, you may have questions. What do birth control pills do? Are birth control pills safe? Here’s all the info on how to use birth control pills. Check out our other Birth Control videos: The Birth Control Ring - The

What is the Birth Control Ring

The birth control ring — also called Nuva Ring or vaginal ring — is safe and effective. It prevents pregnancy, and can also help with cramps and other period problems. Here’s how the birth control ring works. Check out our other Birth Control videos: The Birth Control Pill -

How Does the Morning After Pill/Emergency Contraception Work

Emergency Contraception is a way to prevent pregnancy AFTER unprotected sex. Lots of people have questions about it: What does the morning after pill do? How does emergency contraception work to prevent pregnancy? What are the different types of emergency contraception? This video answers these ques

How Does Pregnancy Happen

Wondering how pregnancy happens? It’s not as simple as it seems! Pregnancy takes several days, and there are lots of steps. Here are the basics on how pregnancy works. To learn more about pregnancy, visit Transcript: Pregna

How Effective is the Birth Control Shot

The birth control shot — also called the Depo shot or Depo Provera — is an effective way to prevent pregnancy. How does the birth control shot work? Find out in this video. Check out our other Birth Control videos: The Birth Control Pill - The Birth Contr

Why I stand with Planned Parenthood, Ian

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Why I stand with Planned Parenthood, Mariella

Mariella, Director of Medical Services speaks to the expert care the providers at Planned Parenthood offer their patients

Why I stand with Planned Parenthood, Helene

Helene, an advanced practice clinician, talks about the high-quality care offered by the experts at Planned Parenthood.

Why I Stand with Planned Parenthood, Maya Jenkins

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