How Does the Birth Control Pill Work and is it Safe to Use

If you’re thinking about going on the pill, you may have questions. What do birth control pills do? Are birth control pills safe? Here’s all the info on how to use birth control pills. Check out our other Birth Control videos: The Birth Control Ring - The Birth Control Shot - The Birth Control Implant - IUD - To learn more about the Birth Control Pill, visit Transcript: The birth control pill is safe and super simple: you swallow one tiny pill every day and that’s it — you’re protected from pregnancy. But you have to take it every day, so use an alarm or app to help you remember. And the pill doesn't prevent the spread of STDs, so use condoms along with the pill to help protect yourself from both pregnancy and STDs. Like other medications, the pill has possible side effects, but they usually go away in the first few months. It has lots of benefits too. The pill can clear up acne, ease cramps, and make your periods lighter and more regular. Want to get on the pill? Your nearest Planned Parenthood health center can hook you up.more

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