How to Talk About STD Testing

Scared to talk about STD testing with your partner? We've got your back. Learn how STD testing works, and how to talk to your partner about getting tested to stay safe and healthy. Talk with an educator to learn more about where to get tested: Narrator: So you’ve got the safer sex talk down. But what about getting tested? No, not that kind of test. This kind of test. It’s much easier, and no studying required. Getting tested is the only way to know for sure if you have an STD. Usually all you have to do is pee in a cup or get a swab. But even if you’re all about getting tested, what about the person you want to get sexy with? Are they on top of their sexual health game? Here’s how to find out. Girl 1: So I went to my new gyno today for a Pap and she asked me if I wanted to get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea while I was there. I said yes, ‘cause why not, she’s already all up in my business, but also, like, what?? I thought for all these years I was already getting tested for STDs every time I went in for my Pap. Girl 2: Wait, really?? Isn’t that what a Pap test is for? Girl 1: I know right?? Well, it’s not. My doctor said Pap tests are for cervical cancer. Apparently you have to ask to get tested for STDs. And there are different tests for different STDs. So, you might wanna get in on that. Girl 2: For real. Do the tests totally suck? Girl 1: Nah, it was no big deal. Girl 2: I’ve gotta make an appointment. I’m due for a check-up anyway. UGH. But I don’t have insurance anymore. It’s gonna cost a lot. Girl 1: Just go to Planned Parenthood — that’s where I went. It was super easy to get an appointment and they made sure I could afford it. Girl 2: Ok, good I’m gonna call them tomorrow. Narrator: Or, you could try this. Guy 1: Soo, since we’re exclusive and all, I wanted to see how you feel about not using condoms anymore. Guy 2: Yeah, we could maybe do that. But I haven’t been tested for STDs in a while, so I should probably do that first. Have you? Guy 1: Honestly I never have. Guy 2: Really? Ok, so then yeah we definitely need to get tested. Guy 1: But...what if I have something? Or what if you have something? Guy 2: If either of us do, which we probably don’t, we’ll deal with it then, together. And honestly, it’s better to know if you have an STD — at least then you can get treated. Otherwise it could just get worse and worse, and we could end up giving it to each other. Come on, let’s go together… Guy 2: How about we go get tested, and then have a nice romantic date night...and see where things go from there. Guy 1: Haha. Okay, okay, sure. Guy 2: Cool. We’ll talk about this no-condom thing after we get those results back. K? Guy 1: Yeah, sounds good. Narrator: Sometimes, you end up talking about STD testing later than you should have, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Sometimes, you end up talking about STD testing later than you should have, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Guy: I feel so dumb — I’m really sorry. Girl: It’s ok, I didn’t say anything either — it’s my fault too. Guy: I can’t believe we didn’t use a condom. Girl: We totally should’ve used a condom. Guy: Now what do we do? Girl: Well, we definitely don’t do that again without a condom. And I need to get the morning-after pill ASAP. Guy: Yeah good call. Should we…get tested for STDs too? Girl: Probably. I don’t really know where to go though….oh wait, hold on. Guy: Who are you texting? Girl: It’s this Planned Parenthood chat line thing. They helped me when I had a question before. Guy: Oh cool - what are they saying? Girl: Well, they gave me the number for the closest health center — it’s really close to campus actually. They can do STD testing for both of us, and they also have emergency contraception. They sent a link to make an appointment online. Should we do it? Guy: Sure — let’s see what they have. Narrator: You CAN have these conversations. And you’ll probably feel a lot better about your sex life once you do. Plus, if you talk to your partner about getting tested, you’re both more likely to do it, which keeps both of you healthy and stress free.Trying to prevent STDs is important, but sometimes you end up with one. Here’s how to tell someone you’ve got an STD.more

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