Lorene's Story: Proud Alaskan and Planned Parenthood Patient (full length)

Lorene is a soil scientist and a proud Planned Parenthood patient and supporter in Alaska. “For 27 years I have relied on Planned Parenthood. As a young woman, I went to Planned Parenthood to prevent pregnancy out of wedlock. As a young married woman living on very little income, I went to Planned Parenthood for reliable and affordable annual exams and birth control. After having two children, my husband went to Planned Parenthood for a vasectomy, as we did not have health insurance. When my daughter became sexually active, I suggested she visit Planned Parenthood for excellent medical advice on birth control and for her regular exams. They were ready to help. To this day, I go to Planned Parenthood for my gynecological exams. I make extra contributions at my visits and annually in order to support other young people who may not have the means to pay for reproductive health services any other way.” See supporters in action: https://www.istandwithpp.org/supporters See more Planned Parenthood stories: https://www.istandwithpp.org/stories TAKE ACTION: https://www.istandwithpp.org/take-action Lorene: So I moved to Alaska in 1993, came looking for a different life, and came for the summer and stayed, just like so many people do. Larry: We’ve been married for 23 years and we’re gonna have our first grandchild in August. Lorene: This is the picture from right after Megan, our first child, was born. We bought the run down old cabin that had no water and we heated with wood, and we scraped by. And our neighbors would come and give us moose meat and halibut. Larry: I think we were ready to make a family. Lorene: Early on in my years in Alaska, my husband and I couldn’t rub two nickels together, and so Planned Parenthood was a way for us to get care that we needed, affordably. And including birth control and a vasectomy for my husband. I’ve been going to Planned Parenthood for 27 years for birth control and well woman checks, and I still go to Planned Parenthood today. I’m going tomorrow, actually. One of the reasons I sought out Planned Parenthood, especially when I was young, is that they offered a sliding scale. It’s so important to have somewhere to go that you can actually afford that care. Sometimes people ask me if I’m pro-choice or pro-life, and I answer that I’m pro-birth control. And for that reason, I’m pro-Planned Parenthood. Larry: I’m a teacher. Lorene: I’m a soil scientist. And as Alaskans, we stand with Planned Parenthood. Larry: Absolutely.more

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