Lori’s Story

Lori, a mother of two from House Speaker Paul Ryan’s district in Wisconsin, credits Planned Parenthood with preserving her ability to bear children. “While still a young teacher, I called Planned Parenthood for an appointment after experiencing severe pains in my low abdomen. I was given an appointment for that same day. A large cyst and multiple benign tumors were detected in my ovaries. Planned Parenthood connected me with a gynecologist who removed them in time to save a healthy portion of one of my ovaries. It was enough, because years later, that same doctor delivered both my daughter and my son. I am forever grateful to Planned Parenthood for their quick action during my health emergency. It is because of their care, in part, that my husband and I were able to grow our family. I continue to support Planned Parenthood so that others may also benefit from their capable and compassionate health care.” See supporters in action: https://www.istandwithpp.org/supporters See more Planned Parenthood stories: https://www.istandwithpp.org/stories TAKE ACTION: https://www.istandwithpp.org/take-action Transcript: GFX: Lori, Mom, Substitute Teacher, Wisconsin Lori: When I was 26 years old, I was underinsured and so for my preventative care, I used Planned Parenthood. Then one day I was having these horrible pains in my lower abdomen and I called my doctor at Planned Parenthood. Found out that I had tumors and cysts in my ovaries and that it was a health emergency. They were able to save a half of an ovary, and that was enough because I was able to have children. So I’m grateful to Planned Parenthood.more

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