Planned Parenthood Legacy Video: #100YearsStrong

Planned Parenthood’s story began 100 years ago with a radical idea. That access to sexual and reproductive health care had the power to change lives and the world. This idea sparked a reproductive revolution by a brave and defiant few. It was not easy. And it was not without opposition. But these few were joined by millions more, over many years, and across many generations. Planned Parenthood - once a single health center, is now known and trusted for it’s sexual and reproductive health care. We’re the largest source of sexual education in the country and an essential provider of cancer screenings, diagnosis and treatment of STIs, and other preventive care - as well as a catalyst for laws and policies that ensure equal access to health care and reproductive freedom. And that’s just our first 100 years. Moving towards our second century… we still face opposition. It’s still not easy. Yet we are determined. Determined to build a world free of stigma and judgement. A world where neither income or zip code determines access to birth control or abortion. A world where the rising generation will know, embrace, and continue to build on Planned Parenthood’s proud legacy. And a second century defined by as much compassion, conviction and courage as our first. Because we care. We always will. No matter who. No matter where. No matter what.more

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An Incredible Win | Planned Parenthood Video

"Planned Parenthood grassroots organizers and advocates were a driving force in opposing efforts to ""defund"" Planned Parenthood. By calling, organizing, and persisting, we stopped this attempt to take away our health care. And we'll never back down.

Courtney Stands with Planned Parenthood in California | Planned Parenthood Video

Courtney went to Planned Parenthood for the first time when she was 17 for an HIV test and was educated about birth control for the first time — which allowed her to govern her own body and her choices and later complete college.

Cat Stands with Planned Parenthood in Idaho | Planned Parenthood Video

"I knew that no matter what would happen... there would be people with non-judgemental care ready to provide that to me"

Shay Stands with Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania | Planned Parenthood Video

At the age of 26 during a wellness exam, it was discovered that Shay had precancerous cells on her cervix. She was scared and uninsured. “Lucky, Planned Parenthood was there for me.

Daneya Stands with Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania | Planned Parenthood Video

As a teen, Planned Parenthood helped Daneya find resources in the community to stay safe and healthy during her pregnancy.

Dayna Stands with Planned Parenthood in Texas | Planned Parenthood Video

Dayna relied on Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings when she was uninsured in Texas.

Tobby Stands with Planned Parenthood in New York | Planned Parenthood Video

"Planned Parenthood was there for me. I want it to be there for generations after me… I want Planned Parenthood to be part of the landscape of our country.” - Tobby from New York.

Melissa Stands with Planned Parenthood in Arizona | Planned Parenthood Video

Melissa is a Raiz organizer in Tucson, Arizona working with the Latino community. “It’s important for us to talk about how to take care of ourselves… we are asking our legislators to listen to the community and our needs.”

Karyn Stands with Planned Parenthood in Colorado | Planned Parenthood Video

“Planned Parenthood is important to me because they provide health care to the LGBTQ community." - Karyn from Colorado